We are a team of professionals with a passion for managing building information.


WE ARE Flexible

Every company is unique, what works great for one organization may not work for yours.

Our solutions can be tailored to your needs.


Traditional CAFM & IWMS software is expensive and complex. Yet many organizations only use or need a small fraction of the functionality.

We believe in keeping things simple...we won't sell you what you don't need.


We don't simply drop off a system and walk away.

We are willing to get into the trenches with services such as scanning, uploading and on-site verification to help you succeed.

We don’t simply drop off a system and walk away.

Our History

Since 2006 Fusiontek has provided CAD | BIM customization and training. We also resell and support
M-Files ECM & Bluebeam PDF software. We continue to offer these products and services. In 2016, we expanded and added services to help organizations track their assets, buildings and facilities.

Founder's Message

Today the building management sector faces a "perfect storm"
of higher costs, aging infrastructure and an increasing need for sustainability and resource management.  

From my viewpoint having all your data accessible, up to date and in one place just makes sense. With this foundation in place your operations can move ahead with greater speed and responsiveness.

I believe that simple solutions are best and an old fashioned service approach is needed today more than ever. That is why I am so confident about the solutions and services we offer. They are simple, economical and they make an impact on the bottom line.

So please reach out! I would love to hear from you, learn from your experience and make a difference together.

Joe Magas

an old fashioned service approach is needed today more than ever