ARCHICAD is powerful Building Information Modelling software used by Architects, Engineers and Contractors around the world

ARCHICAD is the modern choice for organizations who prefer to lead rather than follow.

Take a fresh look at BIM

Take a fresh look at BIM

Better By Design

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In many countries throughout the world ARCHICAD is the leading BIM software, yet in North America it's widely unknown. This is all about to change.


Simply put ARCHICAD is a better way to do BIM. It is relatively easy to master and fun to use. With it you can produce high quality drawings and stunning visualizations.

So take a fresh look at BIM with will likely be surprised.  

You Have Choice

With ARCHICAD you have choice. Perpetual licensing is fully supported as well rental and subscription options. So you can choose the best path for your organization.  

ARCHICAD is supported on both Mac and PC hardware. 

Versatile & Flexible

ARCHICAD is versatile & flexible. It can be used successfully to design skyscrapers, commercial and industrial buildings and custom homes. 

There is no virtually design project or renovation too large or small to tackle with ARCHICAD. 


Exclusive to ARCHICAD is BIMx, a beautiful way to share models and allow others to experience your designs before they are built.  


Open BIM

ARCHICAD supports a universal approach to collaboration called OPEN BIM.  

OPEN BIM enables model sharing with any compliant BIM software. This means you can coordinate models with virtually anyone. 


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